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Ask Question

Using the Ask Question function, you can present the user with a question. There are two options available: Simple QuestionQuestion with multiple options The user’s input/response to the ques

Send Message

This function serves the purpose of sending a simple text message to the user.. You can choose how you want the messages to be sent to the  users - Sequentially or Randomly. Select Send Messa

Managing Dialogs

On the Dialog page, you can use the three options Editing a DialogDeleting a DialogMoving a DialogPublish Editing a Dialog Click the Edit icon in the desired dialog card. Edit

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Table of contents OverviewSetting up the Welcome DialogSetting up the Fallback DialogTesting your ChatbotPublish and Unpublish your ChatbotChanging Page View Dialog is a set of instructions

Creating a Chatbot

Table of contents OverviewCreating Multiple ChatbotsPublish or Unpublish a ChatbotDownload a Pre-built Chatbot Overview Workativ Assistant’s Chatbot Builder is a no-code canvas for you


Table of contents OverviewAdding an EntityAdding Entity ValuesEditing Entity ValuesDeleting an Entity ValueChanging Page ViewSearching an Entity Overview Entities are individual pieces o


Table of contents OverviewCreating an IntentEditing an IntentDeleting an IntentEditing an ExampleDeleting an ExampleMove an Example to Another IntentChanging Page ViewSearching an IntentTesting In

Introduction to Workativ Assistant

What is Workativ Assistant? Workativ Assistant is a SaaS based no-code platform for companies to build conversational ai based chatbot with app workflow automation to automate workplace employee s

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Webhooks are end points that are used to connect two different applications or end points. When a trigger is initiated via webhook, data is captured about that event and sent via a webhook URL from t

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Workativ Automate is a PaaS self-service workflow automation platform that connects your apps and automate simple and complex workflows with zero coding. With automate, organizations can automate