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Table of contents OverviewEdit Workflow Name and DescriptionDelete a WorkflowDuplicate a WorkflowChanging Views Overview Once you have created your workflows from the All Workflows page,

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Table of contents OverviewCreating a WorkflowSending Execution ReportsTest-Running a WorkflowActivating a WorkflowDuplicating a WorkflowFilter, Sort and View You can create app workflows for yo

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Workativ Assistant allows you to hand over the conversation (between user and chatbot) to a live agent in Microsoft Teams from any of your chat channels like Slack, Chat Widget, or even Microsoft T

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The Upload Attachment function allows you to make the chatbot ask for files like images, pdf, video from the user, which can then be used as input to execute a workflow. A URL for the shared file is

Adaptive Card

With the Adaptive Cards function, you can now display details or information to users using presentable cards. You can choose what data or information needs to be shown to the user in these cards and

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The Verify User Details option helps you verify important information from a user and helps store it. The Verify User Details option and the Ask a Question option work similarly, but the two have ver

Chatbot Settings

Table of contents OverviewMessages to display on chat channelsWhen to exit from a conversationFeedbackConfigure your Agent You can use the Settings page to personalize the chatbot during a

Exit Conversation

Using the Exit Conversation function, you can make the chatbot exit a conversation after displaying a message to the user. You can also choose to either ask the user for feedback or not.

Call Automation

Workflow Automation module in workativ assistant helps the chatbot automate simple to complex tasks autonomously.  You can use the ‘call automation’ function to call an active app workflow w

Jump To

All the functions in the dialog branch are evaluated in order and you cannot break the dialog flow manually. The Jump To function helps you move from one dialog to any other dialog. You simply have t