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Create Hardware Service Request

Using this workflow action, a user can create a Service Request for a new Hardware in Freshservice. Following are the input fields available in ‘Create Hardware Service Request’ workflow action.

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This workflow action creates a note in an existing Incident or Service Request. Following are the input fields available in ‘Create Note’ workflow action. Mandatory Fields Input FieldDescr

Add Requester

This workflow action adds a new requester in Freshservice. Requesters have specific privileges to submit requests (Incidents, Service Requests, etc..) Following are input fields available in ‘A

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Freshservice is a cloud-based IT Helpdesk and Service management solution that enables organizations to simplify their IT operations. The solution offers features that include a ticketing system, sel

How to Test Run a Workflow Automation

You can test the workflow automation using the Run button (shown in image below).   Testing a Workflow Automation   When you click on the Run button, the Runtime Logs p

Get User Details

The Get User Details function helps you retrieve important information from a user and stores it. The Get User Details function and the Ask a Question work similarly, bu

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