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All Workflows

All Workflows is a getaway to creating and automating your new workflows or reconfiguring the existing workflows as per specific needs.   Log in to your Automate platform. 

App Workflow Summary

App Workflow Summary gives you an overall view of the action you have undertaken. In a nutshell, Summary is a history that includes each piece of information regarding your Workflows.  

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Create a workflow  Log into the Workativ Automate  Click on the Automations tab on the left navigation panel  Click All Workflows  Find a window that p

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Overview  Workativ Automate provides a ‘no-code’ platform called Workflow Builder to allow you to build customized and automated workflows in a few minutes. The platform offers severa

Widget release notes

Find out what’s new in the Widget integration.  Learn how to integrate Widget here:  Versions:  1.3.1  Release Date: 11th January 2022  Maintaining wi

Download bot

1.Click on Download from Marketplace button.   2. You are presented with Bot Marketplace popup.    Navigate Bot Category.  3. Click on the available pre-built c

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Click the Execution Report button on the top right corner if you want to send the execution status report after the workflow is executed. Enter the email address for sending the Success an

Custom Variables

You can use this function to create custom variables and present pre-filled data stored in a variable to the chatbot, instead of getting it from the user. 1.Enter the desired Variable Name

Menu Option

Using the Menu Option function, you can make the chatbot present multiple clickable options to the user. Based on the user’s selection, the chatbot will execute the corresponding dialog or acti

Start with App Workflows

If you have selected this option, you will start building your bot by creating app workflows first and then followed by creating dialogs for the bot.  1. Clicking on Get Started button below